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SUPERVIVE is a free to play squad based hero battle royale.
If you came from a game like League of Legends, combat will be more lethal, feel more fluid or free form even compared to battlerite expect us to be faster, so less fighting game and more action combat.
the scale of fights will be much bigger, strategic possibilities are much wider, if you come from hero or action shooters like Overwatch or Apex Legends, SUPERVIVE will feel closer to those in terms of movement and fluidity, just with a different camera angle.
SUPERVIVE also has wasd movement and have jumping, Movement is super important so you can combine jumps, dashes, and Gliding for some sick combos.
Using your glider over the abyss will float you back up to the ground level but be careful because if you are ever hit while gliding you will be immediately spiked and hit down.
You can win fights with a few well placed abilities, but it can also happen to you so be careful.
There are also a lot of ways to bring your teammates back, such as reviving their Deathbox, and you can even bring your whole team back by succeeding a most wanted quest, or using Rez Beacons. Comebacks are super possible in supervive, but they need to be earnt.
The action combat sandbox of SUPERVIVE means that the hero kits and Powers are designed to be very open ended in how they are used, so rather than being really prescriptive about how to play, SUPERVIVE encourages you to dream up exciting combos!
A big part of being successful in SUPERVIVE is not just being strong mechanically but also outhinking your opponents and seeing what types of Powers or Items your team has and finding your own unique way to win!


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